Soundtrek Freak-Out


Soundtrek took place last week in Capitol Hill’s new Melrose Market Studios and it was rad.

I haven’t had that much fun since before I was a bona fide adult. And, I think that happened loosely around the time I stopped spray-painting flames on my beater.

So how about a little show and tell?


This happy shindig was the brainbaby of Bamboo Beats DJs– as a thank you to their past and present clients. They wanted a futuristic themed night: tron, glowey things, that sort of stuff. They asked a select bunch of people to help throw a great bash. Part of that bash was a fashion show. Of course, I freaked out at the chance to do flowers and decor for an unusual theme. Halfway jokingly, I told Jojo that I would only do it if I could make a mohawk for one of the models, but after meeting with Carlisia Minnis of Mac Fashion House, the mohawk was ON!

We began the sequencing with a bold entrance piece that consisted of a wall of tubing to tie in the existing piping. Glass cylinders filled with green acrylic and that goo stuff were up-lit and side-lit. Yucca, Phormium, and tulips were placed, roots exposed, atop the cylinders and fixed by an acrylic cap. Some of the plants were upside-down. The effect of the bare root silhouettes was eerie and very cool.  The plants are now in a less exposed/tortured state in my yard and are still looking very cool.

We placed a luminary on each bistro table. The vase was wrapped with a paper cutout designed and cut by yours truly to mirror the Soundtrek logo. A submersible, teal LED light was placed in each vessel.

Tube Entry 4.jpg

Of course we made futuristic florals for the models.

One bouquet was with Calla Lily sprays, one of the Lilies are wrapped in a cut-out neon green paper. The stems are wrapped with two metal bands.

The next bouquet is made of three metal cones each fixed with two metal fasteners. The flower is the unfussy and fragrant carnation.

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Danger Model.jpg

I thought I’d throw in a bouquet that was halfway normal so that people don’t think I can only do weird designs. It kind of stood out in a bad way in my opinion when compared to the rest, but looks pretty good on its own. It has some fern, yucca, succulents, lisianthus, and hydrangea.

For the men, we made some funky succulent boutonnieres. 


I will never forget the reaction to this look. The curtain opened, and everyone gasped. Maybe because the model and look is gorgeous, but I like to think it’s because my bouquet is so fierce it’s dangerous. She is also wearing our custom designed and cut acrylic necklace.

I had an urge to make an acrylic chandelier. We designed and cut this piece for this event. It hangs from a painted hula hoop. Acrylic does amazing things with light. The edge is like a fiber optic light transmitter. It glows even in low light. The best part of this chandelier? The fashion designer liked it so much that she routed her models runway to end under the chandelier!

And here’s the final look with our helmet, tulle mohawk veil. She is also holding our Saturn ring feather bouquet composed of carnations in the middle.

Model 19.jpg

Other amazing people who contributed was Kim of Alante Photography– obviously talented by the work you’ve seen here. Rochelle, my awesome assistant who will not enjoy my usage of fragmented sentences. Ravishing Radish Catering who I am personal fans of and friends with. I like to eat their food. Baked cakes who did this amazing creation…

Judy of ItsJudyTime renewed my love of fake eyelashes and taught me some makeup tips. The Invisible Hostess crew kept a drink in our gyrating hands, Blue Danube who is behind the scenes with design and production but it SO makes a difference when the lighting, audio, etc is perfecto. Blue Elephant created some neat dangly banners in the entrance, 321 foto took some hilarious photos in their booth.

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