A Wedding for the Books


This summer we at Lola Event Floral & Design had the pleasure of working with an out of the ordinary, self-described “coupla nerds.” There’s nothing like a new idea to get the create juices really pumping.

Cindy and Sam’s desire for a no real flowers allowed, triumphant expression of all the things they love led us and their creative team to a truly one of a kind wedding. Perhaps the most triumphant piece (besides a glowing bride and groom and proud family) was our fantastic book arch. We really just can’t shut our mouths about it.

So if you haven’t already seen it on the Huffington Post or other outlets, here it is again- this time with our own photos. Definitely go to Alex Rubin’s page for pics of the beautiful couple, more book arch, and more wedding photos.


Thank you, also, to the couple for being so neato and for choosing such a great team of creative professionals

To the Lola Event Floral & Design team for all the great pieces and long hours of mindless book drilling.

Pink Blossom Events for planning, paper flower centerpieces, and in general making everything work.

Sodo Park/ Herban Feast for the iconic site and tasty eats

Heathoriginals for paper flower mastery

and Rubin Photography for capturing it all.

Check out more images from the wedding below!

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