Rules for Throwing a Crazy Fun Bash!


The Bamboo Beats 411 Party

This is the second year we’ve participated in Bamboo Beats’ yearly bash and it’s always high on the ridiculous fun meter. We’ve compiled some of the best shots of the night courtesy of Alante Photography to assist in describing what I think is BB’s winning mix of freak and fun.

Number 1: Music… duh

Of course when your name is DJ Tecumseh and you run Bamboo Beats, there must be music. And what is better than one fly turntablist? Three turntablists.

The reason for this may be obvious. We want more of this dancing on one’s head business…


Number 2: Have a little “Whuuuh?!” Factor

We love the Bamboo Beats parties because they allow us to make the stuff that typically aren’t requested. Unexpected decor is key to an unusually fun party. Have expected decor and you can have a usually fun party. When people walk into a party, I want them to feel like anything could happen. It drives up the adrenaline, opens up awareness, and sends the guest exploring for more uncommon details. Pull together some appropriately “out-there” looks and you are on your way to priming your guests to be jumping in anticipation for the night to come.

We set up the back room of Within Sodo as a ceremony set with 9 foot tall arch-screen sprayed up by Eli, our racetrack aisle runner, orange tree, and decals on the chairs with words from Digital Underground’s 1991 hit “Kiss You Back”

For this 9 foot tall cardboard, street art-astic flower urn, we partnered with artist Eli. Eli is a mysterious artist and so we don’t know what his last name is or if Eli is even really his name at all. He provided us with the night’s motto, “GET WEIRD.”



Number 3: Good Eats

The importance of the unexpected is transferable to food as well. Here we’ve got Baked Custom Cakes with adorable cupcakes in a shocking color palette, but whuuuuh? A boombox cake and a splatter paint cake? Can’t wait to put them in my mouth. And by the way, those are our newest vase acquisitions with metal flower armatures. So cool.

And more food outside with Dantes Inferno Hot Dogs (and veggie dogs) and Skillet’s fried chicken and waffle bar!


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Number 4: Drinks for thirsty dancers.

The Invisible Hostess and Pearl Vodka provided bright and refreshing cocktails all night. And what says, “Come hang with us” like a cold can of Hilliards? 

Nothing like a Hilliard’s to sooth a break dancing injury.


Number 5: Freak Show

What’s he doing? Taming a rabid rhino? Making furniture levitate with his eyes? Is he a human statue? No, he’s Valentine of Valentine’s Men’s Grooming Salon. So he’s not really a freak but his skills are freakish. Just his meticulous care for these dude’s heads leaves crowds mesmerized and turns manscaping into a spectacle. And this sort of unexpected spectacle goes a long way in making people remember a party.



Number 6: Document!

Because nobody will believe you that your party was so fly, you must document! Our generous chroniclers of awesome were Alante Photography and Tyler Mayeno Films.

Check more out photos below!

Want help growing your biz and learn new floral techniques?

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