Map Out Your Dream Business

Love Song Photo

Love Song Photo

Here’s where things get fun...

Most people want into our Price and Profit Design program (launching in September) because things aren’t working. The effort going into their floral company is out of balance with what is coming out of it.

And don’t get me wrong. I KNOW it’s not for lack of effort. If I know you, you are a beast of a worker.

But usually, there’s a lot of burn out happening.

In our program, we go through all the exploring, digging, restructuring that it takes some to discover what needs to happen to get their company to last. And then a beautiful thing happens.

With your own clarity and confidence to finally support you, you can start to see what it will take to take it to the next level.

You can begin to not only dream about but actually start to flesh out in detail, what your dream floral business will look like. What your life will look like?

What your world feel look like?

What the financial realities of that dream look like?

What will wildly satisfying look like to you?

Love Song Photo

Love Song Photo

If you are currently taking care of your business more than it is taking care of you, that ‘wildly satisfying’ business may seem out of reach.

That glow is there, but it may be covered in the gunk of how your business functions now. So busy and feeling so broke at the same time.   

What better way to get into the spirit of hope and possibilities than to think of that world now!

Because of course, one of the best ways to know what you are building, is to know what it’s going to look and feel like when it’s all grown up.


We’ve developed 66 (yep, 66) exploratory questions to help you paint that picture.

They deal with this:


What makes you YOU? Why are you special? What were your influences?


Define your time so it doesn’t get filled up with the endless unimportant things.


Not only employees, who is your team in life. How can they support you and you them?


What are the tools and training that will propel you?


What’s the one or few things that is important to you that you want to get out there. This should also be something that your ideal client things is pretty important, too.   


Your dream needs fuel. How are you going to fuel your dream?


Your clients are your supporters. They are fans of your message and what you do. Who are they and how are you going to take care of their needs?


What is the change you are making? If you are the stone thrown into a pond, what is the ripple? How are you affecting people’s lives?

(continued below)

Love Song Photo

Love Song Photo

You guys! We’ve made you an entire worksheet with ALL 66 questions for you to ignite your fire again.

And of course, if you need help de-gunking that wildly satisfying dream, stick with us as we discuss more of pricing and business strategy topics as we near the launch of Price and Profit Design.

It’s gonna be a game changer.

Get a coffee, a pen, and click the button below to get the full worksheet!