3 Myths that are Holding You Back in Floral Design


Do you know what some of my pet peeves are?

Pretty much anything that tells me a standard to define ‘normal’.

Screw that.

Standards help people feel normal, so those that are just above the mark can give themselves a pat on the back. But it doesn’t describe the limitless potential beyond what is normal.

Normal… pssst, bah! Boring.

What if all those ‘normal’ folks were zigs and you’re a zag? What if that average baseline was set by a bunch with half the gumption that you have?

You should know that your potential for your success in this industry has no boundary simply because the creative solutions are endless.

Do not let the limiting beliefs of others cloud your vision for your own success.

In the spirit of limitless potential and defining our own rules in business, here are 3 myths I’d like to crash-n-smash.

Ann Norton Photography

Ann Norton Photography

  • Myth 1: Floral designers just don’t make much money- and you should expect the same.

Not true. This is, after all, is not my reality nor my peers who can consistently make 85K + year after year. Does it take some attention, hell yes.

  • Myth 2: You are an introvert. You don’t like to be sales-y, and you hate dealing with numbers, so you can’t be good at business.

When it comes to your business, you know it best. You don’t, afterall need a business degree to run your business. All you need is curiosity and capability which you have in spades. What you NEED is to give your business and finances the attention it needs to know how it works.

PS, search for TED talks about introverts and you will find that you actually rule the world.

  • Myth 3: People will see how hard I work and see the value I create. I will naturally and organically be able to raise prices then.

Oh friend, it’s so sad, but no.

Money and services are an exchange. When you decide to give your art away for less than it is worth, you are accepting THEIR valuation of your work. It is our duty to ensure that what we are valuing our work at is AT LEAST what it needs to be to support us and our businesses (oh my gosh I feel so passionate about this, I could start levitating with my hair on fire).

We have all contributed in some way to an industry that doesn’t know the real cost of an event or floral arrangement because we’ve done such a good job at hiding it from them-- usually at our expense.

Chances are nobody is noticing how hard you work. No one is going to tap you on the shoulder and let you know you have finally reached a level that is worthy of success.

No one… Okay, well, nevermind, I am. Right now.

“You, floral designer, by choosing to take this courageous path of entrepreneurship, will charge plenty to support you and your business, as you see fit.”

I met a newish floral designer the other day and she said, “Well, it’s hard because I can see every job as a potential marketing expense. I can see how great every event could be if it just had a little bit extra, and even if they don’t have the money, I should do it in order to attract the type of client that wants that look.”


Every. Single. Event and Arrangement has the potential to be better. I feel that way about every event, even the $100K budget ones. Allowing this to carry on, however, perpetuates the notion that flowers are less expensive than they actually are.

No more, my friend. You get yours.

If you don’t know what you and your business actually need. Please jump on the waiting list for the Price and Profit Design. It will give you exactly what you should be charging for your work based on what you need and want.

Because you are delightfully, not normal.