DIY Paper Flower Ideas for Your Party

I’m not sure why exactly, but there is no one who doesn’t love paper flowers. And this is coming from a florist here; even I think they’re just darling! They’re easy to make (check out our tutorial here!), and they can be used in tons of different ways. And because I love playing favorites, I have to tell you that I especially love them for party decorations. 

Photo wall

Alright, you knew I was gonna say this one. No party is complete these days without some kind of cute photo-wall for selfies and group shots, and paper flowers make excellent background elements for a striking scene. Large, fluffy blooms made of tissue paper work beautifully, and it’s easy to match them to your color scheme. You can also make some handheld ones with “stems” for adorable props. 


Big, colorful paper blooms make beautiful, unique centerpieces. Arrange bunches of paper flowers in vases in the center of the table and add in decorative items to the vase like moss or marbles for an accent. 

Side note: remember that you should never use candles around paper flowers, so opt for electric candles if you want that flickery, romantic vibe. 


Nothing says “Welcome to my party! I love paper flowers!” quite like a floral wreath. It’s a fun and durable way to add some flowers to your home and immediately set the tone of your event. Plus, they’re easy to work into a standard wreath frame without too much fuss. If you plan on keeping your paper flower wreath around for a while, go for a durable cardstock and a pale color so the effect of the UV fading won’t be as noticeable.

Take home gifts 

If you’re including party favors or take-home gifts, paper flowers are a lovely addition that people will actually enjoy keeping around. When it comes to what you send home with your guests, you have a lot of options. A small bouquet for each guest inside a little decorative vase would be adorable, but I also love the idea of gluing a paper flower to a magnet to add some cuteness to your guests’ fridges. 

Name cards

“Wow, what a memorable name card,” said no one ever. Add some jazz to your table settings with name cards nestled in (or even just tied to) a paper flower. If your event is small enough, a fun way to personalize the name tag would be using a different flower that reminds you of each guest. Or, you could make one large flower in the center and have each petal stenciled with that table’s guest names. The options are limitless and they’re all adorable. 

Replace bows 

If you’re attending an event not hosting it, there’s no reason you can’t bring paper flowers as a guest as well! I feel almost guilty saying this because bows on gifts make me so happy, but paper flowers make adorable substitutes for bows. Bright and colorful, they can be attractively taped to simple wrapping paper for an instant, classic package. 

Those are just some of the ways to use paper flowers in your parties. Ten points to anyone who does all of them at one event. 

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Emily Anderson