The No. 1 Indicator of Success as a Floral Design Business Owner

As a new freelance floral designer or business owner, it’s hard to wade through the sea of people telling you that if you learn this one thing- you will achieve your version of success. But really, there is only one thing…. and you already know how to do it.

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Your willingness to do things that are uncomfortable is ultimately what will lead to your success as a floral designer business owner.

Here’s the great part… your brain is pre-wired to do three things: keep you safe, seek out pleasure, and make things easy and efficient for you.

Here’s the annoying part… your brain has a BIG problem with you growing your business into what you want it to be.

  1. It’s the opposite of pleasurable half the time- especially in the beginning.

  2. You will stumble over so many obstacles as you find your way. Not easily, not efficiently. Strike two for the big noodle.

  3. Not fun, hard, and UNCERTAIN?. Your brain has no means of proving to you that it can be done. After all, you’ve never done it before.

    ‘How reckless!” your brain thinks.

    Furthermore, your family and friends are worried about you. They don’t understand.

    “My herd, your brain thinks… I am leaving my herd and am unprotected!” All of this points to “DANGER” It’s not been done, you are now vulnerable- your brain thinks you’ll definitely be picked off by a lion.


To your brain, this floral design business thing is the FURTHEST thing from what you should be doing with your time.

Your brain wants to know… what is safe, what is known, what are you already good at, what will not leave you feeling exposed.

With all this discomfort around, it’s easy to subdue the brain, make it calm, give yourself ‘peace of mind’ by giving up the uncomfortable things.

Your life could be normal. You could have normal people problems.

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If you are like me, that doesn’t sound fun.

Here’s what will get you through.

  • Your ability to notice that the uncomfortable things are what you need to expand, to evolve is exactly what will move you through the discomfort.

  • Your ability to know that you are willing to take on whatever discomfort lie ahead, even if you can’t see it yet, will allow you to quiet your well-intentioned but misdirected brain.

  • Your willingness to live with discomfort because you know that with it, there is also more beauty, an improved you, and a blooming, supportive business on the other side.

  • Your willingness to find another way because it’s worth it will give you the courage you need to keep going.

PS, your brain called. It wants to know where the remote is and if you picked up some cheetos at the market.

If your brain could use some redirection and your floral business a boost in profits…. If pricing and business strategy are one of those ‘uncomfortable’ things you put off, you might be interested in our course Price + Profit Design.

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