Great Ideas for your Fall Events

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When the weather gets gray and drizzly and people bust out the pumpkin spice lattes and scarves, you know it’s time to start making fall designs. The more the weather cools down, the warmer I like my floral arrangements. Honey, amber, and red tones look wonderful in autumn, and a mix of textures and colors adds depth and brightness even as we all hunker down for colder weather. 

Pumpkins. Nuff said. 

Alright, would it be fall if I didn’t mention a pumpkin somewhere? Pumpkins are so great for floral design because of their gorgeous structure and variety. Orange, white, and speckled pumpkins make adorable vases and tablescaping items. You can even paint them if you want to be super festive! 


These glossy, vibrant leaves are a staple in the south for their durability and gorgeous green and orange hues, which makes them perfect for autumn decorating. A magnolia garland is a fantastic option for weddings and other events, but they add lushness to arrangements and centerpieces as well. 

One of my favorite sketches in the Floral Sketch Library is a table with a gorgeous leafy garland that I think would look incredible using magnolia leaves.

Burlap and twine

Another gorgeous fall staple is accents of burlap and twine. Try wrapping your vases in rough cut burlap and tying it off with some gorgeous, textured twine. For rustic autumn events, wrap boutonniere or corsage bases in twine for a secure hold and a charming look. 

Pampas grass

This feather-like grass is awesome for floral design because it adds impact without sacrificing softness. It’s gorgeous for adding height, because, well, it’s tall! It instantly draws the eye upward. Plus, I can’t get enough of that soft fawn color. I just want to pet pampas grass every time I see it. Mix it with a dark, glossy floral for a dramatic, moody arrangement. 

Hardscape with branches

This isn’t necessarily a fall-exclusive idea, but if you’ve ever wanted to try working with branches, fall is an awesome time for it. For that warm, Thanksgiving feeling, a nice curvy branch in your arrangement is a beautiful addition. From elegant, curling willow branches to those gorgeous, minimalist brushwood branches, you have tons of options here. 

Autumn berries

Speaking of drama, a great and durable arrangement for autumn events is a berry arrangement using dried celastrus orbiculatus. That bright color is architectural and striking, and it holds up really well for a long time. Great for those cute cornucopia arrangements. 

Cork planters 

In my opinion, the world is suffering from a massive lack of cork. That soft brown color and the fun texture make cork pots and accents nice floral arrangements. They add a nice neutral color, and I especially love them for succulents. 

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Emily Anderson