How to NOT Freak Out

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" I can't wait until it gets easier! " 

This is what one of my students recently told me after discussing the struggles in her newish floral business.  

I know a lot of you are hustling your booties off, deep in the trenches of wedding season. You may even be spotting some holes in your process, pricing, operations... and you might be getting down on yourself. 

 So I thought you might need some backwards encouragement. 

 It doesn't get easier- just a different kind of hard. 


 With triumph over one kind of awkwardness and struggle, comes another. More learning... forever.

 Here's why that's awesome.

 It's our privilege as humans to desire something different, more aligned, more... right for us and craft our actions and efforts to get that thing. 

 The only trade off of exploring life's possibilities, of pushing your limits is to persevere through that very awkwardness and struggle.

 It's the essential ingredient in the rinse and repeat cycle of effort and growth. 

 So maybe we can just be okay with a little extra effort.... okay a lot. 

 So... if you are feeling the burn, if you are feeling awkward, out of balance, or if you are putting in massive amounts of effort and it's hard... You're doing it right. 

 And sometimes it takes more... Just know that sometime soon, it will take a little less. 

 This is... normal... Nothing to beat yourself up about, nothing to make you think you are doing it wrong... Just part of the deal- so be kind to yourself. 

 Crazy busy times are great for observing and experiencing the kinds of things you KNOW you need to adjust to make it easier in the future. 

 When you are the business owner that you and I both know you are going to be,  with the business and life you love, you aren't going to even recognize the struggles you have now

 What would your future self tell you now?

 Probably something like... "Don't freak out. You got this, so much good is coming your way. Hang in there!"

 Congratulations for being a creator of beautiful experiences, for having guts, and for embracing your badass ability to do hard things... maybe even enjoy them. (cuz i know you do!) You got this. 

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Emily Anderson