Paper Flowers


Paper flowers are perfect for any occasion.

I had visions of posting cheap, easy ways to make loads of gorgeous paper flowers with whatever spare paper was lying around your rooms. I was envisioning delicate paper flowers dripping from windows, spilling out of vases, dangling from above beds.  Alas, that which is cheap is not easy.

On a past trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico, I encountered gazillions of little bright paper beauties and have since longed to create my own.  I’ve pored over many books on the subject and had settled on one simple book that not only was easy to follow but created beautifully crafted flowers. It is: Making Flowers in Paper, Fabric, and Ribbon by Steve and Megumi Biddle and goes a little something like this:


Step 1:

Cut out a petal shape with a longer base so you can connect them.  


Step 2:

Mess around with the petal to make it more flexible. 


Step 3:

Loosely fold two ridges near the base of the petal. Press the top of the ridges back so the petal becomes concave.


Step 4:

This is where it gets frustrating: the Biddles tell me to somehow wrap these silly petals together with wire. Not happening. I ended up using a blend of floral tape and ridiculous amounts of hot glue.  And, TADAH!

While beautiful, it was time consuming and not realistic for larger projects. I also used bits and pieces of sketch paper I had lying around instead of the handmade paper or crepe paper that was recommended (mmmmight have something to do with it). 


If you make your own paper flowers, tag us on Instagram @curiouslola! We want to see your creations!

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